Going to rent a storage unit you should must read these Frequently Asked Questions

1.What do I need  must to rent a storage unit?

A photo ID which is issued by the Government ,A  passport.,driver’s license Proof of insurance etc. Different companys wants different information you can find them in their terms and conditions.

2.How long time I will be able to continue the leasing?

You can continue the leasing time as long as you want with your convenience.

3.How to know how much storage space I will need?

Different Storage unit  has different storage size but the standard sizes:

  1. 25   sq ft   5’ x 5’
  2. 50   sq ft   5’ x 10’
  3. 100 sq ft 10’ x 10’
  4. 150 sq ft 10’ x 15’
  5. 200 sq ft 10’ x 20’
  6. 300 sq ft 10’ x 30’

Life Storage offers tons of sizes and environments. The benefits of having various storage unit sizes available is that you can get exactly what you need. Make sure that the companies don’t ripp you off with the  space you don’t need.

You can also just call an Assured manager for your assistance.

  1. Can  I talk to someone directly about renting a storage unit?

Dealing with someone who cannot offer direct help when you have an immediate issue is much frustrating. So, be sure to ask how you can reach a local manager when you have site-specific questions. Other hand Almost all the  the storage units identifies customer phone numbers and automatically reroutes the caller directly to the store.

5.Do I need to sign a long-term lease?

No, Almost in every storage  It is rented by month to month unless the you request otherwise.

6.How do I make a payment?

  • You can pay with  cash, check, or credit card in the local storage office.
  • Auto Pay – They will run your credit card at the beginning of each new rental period.
  • Web pay at www.storeassured.com

7.Is there an additional charge for paying online?

No.But it is different as the company differences.

8.Are there any items that I should not put in to storage?

  • Store nothing toxic, dead or alive
  • Plants.Because the need light, food, and water. …
  • Firearms,Gunpowder, and other Explosives. They cannot be kept in  storage. …
  • Food and other perishables. …
  • Different types of Hazardous materials .
  • Cash.
  • Also store nothing what can be rotten in the storage


9.How do I access the property?

Usually,in every storage unit you cann get access to the property from 6 am to 10 pm every day.And also you can get different facilities from different companys.

10.How to find storage units near me?

At first you have to Decide what Type of Storage Unit do you neeed.There are different types of storage units among them you have to choose the one what suits you the best.You can find storage units near you from online by seing every little deatails of the storages.Here you can find storage units new york.If you wish to rent storage it is must for you that you choose one which is the best for.Not very large or too small than what you need.Also if you want to storage something that will be wasted if it is not in the exact tempareture what it needs,then it is important for you to choose storage that will help you to storage that kind of iteams.

  1. How secure are storage units?

Reading thousands of customar reviews concludes that renters believe U.S. storage facilities are very secure. As we know that Life Storage maintains several systems to help keep the customers and their belongings safe. After all everybody look for a storage facility that offers the more safety and security, like:

  • Heavy perimeter fencing
  • Bright facility lighting
  • Surveillance monitoring with cctv
  • Personalized access code for the keypads that will open the gates and interior buildings.
  • Where the renter owns their lock they are the only who have keys to unlock and access to the storage unit.